call centre

An effective solution for addressing existing and new customers. Along with direct mailing and e-marketing services it allows you to address the target group of respondents from B2B and B2C areas according to the needs of the client. Acquisition of new business contacts, maintaining customers, market research, arrangement of business meetings, updating databases: these are powerful tools of telemarketing, through which you maximize the efficiency of communication with your partners and customers.
Active telemarketing - outbound calls (Outbound):
- arranging meetings to your sales representatives
- sales of goods and services over the phone
- updating of databases of clients
- telephone communication
- market and public opinion research
- sales promotion
- inspection of printing delivery
- debt recovery

Passive telemarketing - incoming calls (Inbound):
- Information links of 24 hours about products and services,
- including lines operation
- customer service, help desk
- receiving and processing orders, competitions
- coordination centre for traders